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Emei Qigong for health

By practicing Emei Qigong, you can be healthier than you’ve ever been. Your immune system will be stronger as a result of your practice -- and that increases your ability to heal from and ward off ailments large and small.

You’re not very likely to die from a cold, but you can enjoy life more if you’re not catching every bug that sweeps through the office or your child’s daycare. And it’s certainly nice to have some firepower for keeping serious illnesses, from diabetes to heart disease to cancer, at bay.

Emei Qigong is especially beneficial for illnesses that are chronic in nature or otherwise difficult to treat. It is also effective at alleviating discomfort that might seem mechanical in nature -- back pain, aching joints, and so on -- as well as migraines and other types of headaches.

Disease and distress arise when the flow of Qi is impaired; disease and distress vanish when the flow of Qi is properly regulated.

Some Emei Qigong techniques are used for self-healing, while others allow the Emei practitioner to work with another person to accelerate that individual’s healing. The school stresses the importance of balance in every aspect of life, and that applies to healing, too. Half the time, ask others to assist you in healing. The other half the time, it’s important for you to do what you can to heal yourself.

Whether you’re suffering from a physical illness, find that your life is being colored by single emotion -- perhaps anger, or fear, or sadness -- or if you’re just tired of being constantly stressed out, Emei Qigong can create health and happiness by bringing energetic balance to the whole body.