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Why practice Emei Qigong?

Emei Qigong has several unusual characteristics that make it an extremely valuable and rare treasure.

Some of its most important distinctive qualities include:

  • It enjoys an unbroken lineage, a rarity among the major schools of Chinese energetic arts.
  • The school is nearly 800 years old; its methods have been tested and refined and have proved their value over time.
  • The techniques are very easy to learn and, in part due to the unbroken lineage, extremely potent.
  • Emei Qigong practitioners are able to address the energetic root cause of illnesses, thereby affecting a more complete healing than is possible when only branch symptoms are treated.
  • Graduated levels of training provide the serious student with a straightforward path for deepening his or her practice.
  • The school teaches balance in every aspect of life, including healing, where it advises that half the time, you should pursue self-healing methods, and half the time, you need to let others help you. Practicing balance in a variety of circumstances is transformative.
  • Emei Qigong offers more than forms: It teaches the theories that underlie the forms. Learning the theory accelerates the benefits of the practice.
  • Emei healing accesses the subconscious and non-conscious levels of being.
  • The healing methods are safe for the practitioner and for the client.
  • When using Emei techniques, the energy of the practitioner is strengthened in the course of working with clients.
  • The use of empowered objects allows practitioners and students to access the deep cultivation of centuries of Emei monks.
  • Emei Qigong includes profound methods for changing one’s karma.

To learn more about Emei Qigong, please visit Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong’s website.