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Yi Jing (I Ching) readings

The Yi Jing is an ancient Chinese oracle that can provide great clarity when you’re faced with a major decision. It is based in a profound awareness that Qi ebbs and flows, constantly moving through a cycle of changes. By moving with the energy rather than going against it, students of the Yi Jing can make excellent decisions and enjoy great peace.

I have been consulting the Yi Jing daily for more than eight years, asking for guidance to understand the energetic conditions of the day ahead. One of the greatest challenges of our lives, I think, is to know when it’s time to act and when it’s time to be still. The Yi Jing can be an enormous help on this front. Is my motivation for acting pure, connected to a desire to help all beings everywhere? Or is it still clouded by some pernicious machinations of the ego? The Yi Jing is amazing how it shines a light on selfish intent.

With the help of the Yi Jing, I have learned over the years just how possible it is to want to do the wrong thing for the right reasons and the right thing for the wrong reasons. Time and time again, Yi Jing readings have helped me identify that something was amiss and gave me clues as to what needed to be corrected before I could act -- or be at ease not acting.

Framing the question is an important first step in querying the Yi Jing. If you have two or more options facing you, sit quietly and see which option you think, in your heart of hearts, is the right choice. The question is then framed on that: “What would be the outcome of … ?” Never ask a question with a “not” in it; for example, instead of asking, “What would be the outcome of not talking to…”, you might say, “What would be the outcome of remaining silent…”.

The one difficulty people have with the Yi Jing is that because you’re not asking yes/no questions, the meaning of the answers can be elusive. I have been blessed with a talent for understanding the Yi Jing, and will work with you to frame your question, consult the oracle on your behalf, and review the answer with you.

Please call me at 415-847-2605 or send me an email if you have a question you would like to have posed to the Yi Jing.