Healthy Wealthy Wise Qigong

Emei Qigong for wealth

Happiness isn’t dependent on financial worth. People with fat bank accounts aren’t always happy, and poor people aren’t necessarily miserable. So what creates wealth, the sort of wealth that leads to sustained happiness?

Physical illness can be a barrier to happiness, so Emei Qigong places an emphasis on healing and maintaining good health.

Having one emotion dominate our take on life -- being chronically angry, for example, or walking around with a cloud of sadness, or living with constant anxiety -- makes it hard to feel genuine happiness, so Emei Qigong offers powerful methods for rebalancing the emotions. Using these tools can have a remarkably positive effect on one’s outlook!

The school’s philosophy also encourages an appreciation of everything humankind has accomplished in our quest to meet our physical and emotional needs. It cautions, however, that it’s very easy to slip from meeting our natural needs and desires into greed -- into wanting more than what’s enough. Greed doesn’t relate just to money, but can surface as greed for love, for power or control, or for fame and acknowledgement. None of us escapes these greeds.

Students of Emei Qigong learn a practical method for detaching from greed and learning to be content. In this way, true happiness -- true wealth -- can be sustained.