Healthy Wealthy Wise Qigong

Private coaching sessions

I will work with you to design a personalized Emei Qigong practice that will combine instruction in Emei Qigong self-healing methods as well as treatment sessions that will accelerate your healing. I work by phone and internet as well as in person; treatment sessions can be done from a distance. Please be aware that clients must practice Emei Qigong healing methods between appointments to achieve the full benefit of the treatment. To set up an appointment, please call 415-847-2605 or send me an email. My regular fee is $100 an hour.

I am not a physician; I do not diagnose diseases nor do I offer medical advice. Qigong treatments are not a substitute for being seen by your doctor.

Intake session: 1.5 hours

During this session we will discuss the problem condition(s), investigate the energetic root cause, and develop your personalized Qigong practice plan. The session ends with a 20- to 30-minute medical Qigong treatment.

Follow-up sessions: 20 to 50 minutes

In follow-up sessions, we’ll discuss the changes you’ve observed, go over any new concerns, and modify your Qigong practice plan as needed. The session ends with a 20-minute medical Qigong treatment.

Karma-clearing session: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours

For students and clients facing serious or chronic conditions, the karma-clearing sessions provide an energetic cleansing at a very deep level. This has the effect of amplifying the healing benefit of the individual’s own Qigong practice. Available only for students and clients with an active heart cultivation practice.

Balancing element analysis and Changing the Moving Program of Life instruction

These sessions will give you everything you need for Changing the Moving Program of Life.

Option A: This option is ideal for students who wish to take steps to begin to address the imbalances in their pre-birth Qi but aren’t yet ready to make the time commitment to practice the meditation for Changing the Moving Program of Life. I will analyze the Four Pillars chart to determine your balancing element and advise you on how to improve your personal feng shui. ($125)

Option B: Having analyzed your Four Pillars chart to determine your balancing element, I will instruct you in the “Changing the Moving Program of Life” moving and still practices. ($150)

Client’s birth date, time and place needed. Option A can be done first, and then Option B later, or they can be combined into a single session (if combined, there is a $50 discount.) Clients who do both Option A & B, whether in one session or two, will receive a $100 discount if they take the Level II seminar with me.

Yi Jing (I Ching) readings (time varies)

The Yi Jing, an ancient Chinese oracle, can provide great clarity when you need guidance on the best next step to take. I will work with you to frame your question, consult the Yi Jing for you, and review the answer with you.

Clearing unwanted energetic entities (time varies)

It occasionally happens that energetic entities take up residence in a person’s body, where they can create great harm, or get trapped in a building or other location (where they get called ghosts, spirits, and such). I am trained in Daoist-based methods that will drive the entity from the location and allow it to resume its correct karmic transmigration.

A sliding scale is available, starting at $50 an hour.