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Level 2: Changing the Moving Program of Life

Overview of Level 2

This six-day seminar offers a powerful method for changing your karma. Students learn how to analyze the Four Pillars chart to determine the balancing element and then learn a meditation for incorporating the energy of that element into their life. In addition, students are taught how to adjust personal feng shui as well as receiving instruction in meta-acupuncture, an excellent technique for remote healing. Attendees also receive an empowerment to open Heaven’s Door and close Earth’s Gate.

Who should attend

Anyone with a serious illness, people who want to improve their karma, and students who want to deepen their spiritual understanding are encouraged to take Level 2. Typically students take Level 1 before taking Level 2 but this is not required.

Seminar dates and location

I will be teaching the Level 2 seminar in 2014. Contact me to receive updated Level II plans as they unfold.


$899; $100 discount available to students who have already worked with me to have their balancing element determined. Please note that the meditation requires use of the empowered blanket and the large empowered jade disk, whose other uses are taught in the Level I seminar.

What is the “moving program”?

The moving program is set by your pre-birth Qi. It is like a computer code that, once activated, determines the course of your life. If you could read the code, you would be able to see where your path is leading -- all the curves and bumps and treacherous stretches ahead. When you change the moving program, you change your destiny, and those treacherous stretches become less difficult. Small bumps in the road may vanish entirely.

What is the “balancing element”?

An analysis of the relationship of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) present in any individual’s Four Pillars chart will reveal some degree of imbalance. All the elements have a supporting and restraining effect on the other elements. The balancing element is that element which, when added to the chart, improves the interactions between the elements in the chart by minimizing the effect of too-strong elements and strengthening too-weak elements. Correcting the energetic imbalance in the Four Pillars chart is like rewriting the computer code of the Moving Program of Life.

What to expect

Unlike Level 1, Level 2 is primarily a lecture-style class, and students should come prepared to listen attentively and take notes. We will take breaks throughout the day.